Christian County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office honored and recognized Edith Burk and her daughters and Charlie Rickard and his beloved horse Poco during the Victim Memorial Garden ceremony on April 11, 2016.  Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Anna Bunch prosecuted the case against the offender that attacked Edith Burk and her daughter. Ms. Bunch spoke regarding the dedication of the brick to recognize 95 year old Edith Burk for her spirit and compassion.  First Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Kristen Tuohy successfully tried the offender who drove recklessly, hitting and seriously injuring Charlie Rickard while he was riding his beloved horse Poco.  The offender then fled the scene leaving Mr. Rickard in a ditch requiring immediate medical assistance and Poco to suffer a painful death.  Ms. Tuohy dedicated a brick to honor Mr. Rickard and his beloved horse Poco.

The employees of the Christian County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office are very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the Victim Garden Memorial Ceremony and dedicate bricks each year to individuals whose lives have been dramatically impacted by crime.  It is a beautiful setting for a family member to be remembered or a survivor honored.  This ceremony takes place during National Crime Victim’s Week (April 10, 2016 – April 16, 2016).  In addition to participating in this event, the Christian County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office sponsors a poster contest each year for 5th grade students to show their support for those that are hurting.  This year, the courthouse was filled with 352 posters from 5th graders across Christian County.  We do this so the many victims of crime can see the support and outpouring of the community.  This is especially meaningful for a child victim to be able to see other children supporting him or her.