The Christian County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office announced today that Carl O. Goble, dob: 10/17/1960 of Cassville, Missouri was found guilty after a jury trial presided over by Judge Craig Carter on September 1, 2011.

Evidence presented by the State showed: A.G. had obtained a protective order against Carl Goble that prohibited him from entering the premises of the A.G’s residence. On March 28, 2010 a man matching Carl Coble’s description, was seen at A.G.’s residence in Christian County, Missouri, and that he knocked on A.G’s door, looked in windows, went through her trash, and walked around her trailer. When confronted, the man seemed nervous, evaded answering questions but asked witness questions about A.G. The man left the area quickly when witness threatened to call the police and the man left on foot but was seen later that evening driving by A.G.’s residence in a dark colored four (4) door car.

A gas station clerk also saw the man in her store around that same time, located just outside the trailer park where A.G. resided, and he introduced himself as Carl Goble. Clerk indicated he was in a dark colored four door car and was asking questions about A.G.

During the penalty phase of the trial, evidence was presented that three separate women had filed protective orders against the defendant, defendant had prior arrests for: Third degree assault x2, felonious restraint, property damage, stealing, Third degree domestic assault, driving while intoxicated, theft, unauthorized use of a vehicle, second degree assault, burglary, possession of firearm after former conviction, larceny, possession of controlled substance and defendant had been convicted of transporting stolen firearms, theft, third degree assault, driving while intoxicted and receiving stolen property, The range of punishment for a class A misdemeanor is up to one thousand dollars ($1000.00) and up to one (1) year in the county jail. The jury recommended a punishment of forty-five (45) days in the Christian County jail. Formal sentencing is set for October 13, 2011.